Filmes do Homem


Filmes do Homem 2016

Identity, Memory and Border

Identity, Memory and Border, the founding themes of FILMES DO HOMEM – International Documentary Film Festival of Melgaço, were the basis for selection of the twenty-seven candidates to the Jean Loup Passek award. A jury composed of Manuela Penafria, Margarida Cardoso, Renato Amram Athias, Tiago Afonso and Xurxo Chirro will award the prize to the best international feature-length film, best international short or medium-length film and best Portuguese documentary.

The House of Culture of Melgaço will screen all documentary films in the running for the prize and the parishes of Penso, Cristóval and Castro Laboreiro, as well as the villages of Arbo and Padrenda in neighboring Galicia, will be hosting special sessions.

The summer course Off the Screen, a meeting for reflection, debate and research development and creative practices in the field of Social Sciences, Arts and Communication Sciences, will focus on the theme Identity(s) - difference and repetition.

The film and photographic residence Frontal Shot will, once again, focus on the region and enrich the audiovisual archive of Museum Memória e Fronteira. This year will be the premiere of the four documentaries made in 2015 and presentation of the three photographic projects produced within the residency.

Besides these photography projects we will add two more exhibitions: Commerce, by João Gigante, produced from a photographic survey of local trade, and A Place Called Diaspora, by Andreia Alves de Oliveira, on the Portuguese emigration in London.

The Melgaço Museum of Cinema Jean Loup Passek will join the Festival with a new exhibition, Stories without Words, curated by Benard Despomadères.

In August take a leap to Melgaço. Come and question the present with the films that are bringing the world to Melgaço.